Working Smarter, not Harder with Federated Identity Management: Eduserv workshops March 2011

Nicole Harris ‘The problem with Federations

Federations, like the UK Access Management Federation of which DMU is a part, can be comparted to a pack of cards. Like any card game, they have rules (club ♣ rules) so that they can operate within an environment of trust. ♥ They deal with quite personal issues, like who has access to which resources and when. ♦They add value through generating statistics and ♠ have some winning points in their favour.

Andy Powell ‘Improving the User Experience

For students logging onto electronic resources can be a headache because every provider has a slightly different mechanism for logging in. Then again the providers find that their users come from different organisations, each with their own login points. The Kantata Initiative is one effort to bridge this gap in the user experience.

Phil Adams ‘Little Red Riding Hood and the Federated Identity Provider

My talk looked at telling the story of an institution mid-way through attempting to update its Identity Management Service. De Montfort University had been using OpenAthens Managed Directory with success for many years, but not without frustrations. In considering a move to an open source implementation of Shibboleth or a move to OpenAthens LA (Local Authentication) we wanted to avoid the dangers of getting it wrong (metaphorically encountering the wolf in the Red Riding Hood story) and recruit as many helpers as required to make any move successful.

Jonathan Richardson ‘Beyond Library eResources: Using Openthens for Enterprise Security

The University of East Anglia has gone beyond using OpenAthens for access to the library’s electronic subscriptions and is using it as the basis for single sign-on across the institution. In doing so they have uncovered and dealt with many of the pitfalls putting to much trust in identity assertions. For example, how much trust should be put in a login from a mobile device which may or may not have been stolen?

Christopher Brown ‘Identity Management Matters

JISC have been working on a project to help support Universities in their role as Identity Providers.

Tom Edmonds ‘Subscription Process

Institution subscribing to OpenAthens should keep the subscription process in mind when renewing or cancelling this service.

Phil Leahy ‘OpenAthensMD Administration

The OpenAthens MD Administration area has changed little over the last 10 years. It does offer a powerful interface for managing Athens accounts, but has this been at the expense of simplicity? Looking at which features are most used will provide some evidence for a long-awaited update of the administration features.

David Orrell ‘Product and Service Roadmap 2011-12

Improved statistics, an integrated proxy and a redesigned navigation structure are the main features of OpenAthens LA version 2.2, to be released later in 2011. Eduserv is also working on a cloud-hosted service to enable institutions to run identity management services without the administrative overhead: Project Monteverde.

About Philip Adams

Senior Assistant Librarian at De Montfort University. I am interested in digital preservation and the use of data to measure a library's impact. All comments own.
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