Single Sign On for Library Resources

June 20th saw a small change in the way users show that they are from De Montfort University when logging on to electronic resources. A new option, to authenticate with ‘De Montfort University Library Services’ now appears on the ‘Where Are You From’ lists some site present.

COPAC, a merged set of library catalogues, is one such site. Click on the bright green ‘Login & Search COPAC’ button and you should be presented with the form where you can select your home organisation. Typing in ‘De Montfort Univeristy’ or as a short cut ‘DMU’ finds two results: ‘De Montfort University – OpenAthens’ and ‘De Montfort University Library Resources’.

  • De Montfort University – OpenAthens. This requires a Personal Athens Account, something sent to you on registration, if you are a student or on request, if you are a member of staff. The username begins ‘dmu..’ an identifying clue for services like COPAC that you are from De Montfort. The University has been using this as a way of logging into resources for years. It works, but there are problems for students in keeping track of username details and for administrators having to maintain a duplicate database of University members.
  • De Montfort University Library Resources. Log in here with the same username and password as you would use with Blackboard, MyDMU and email.

Over the Summer 2011 break encountering the Single Sign On screen will become increasingly common. The blue OpenAthens login screens may not go away entirely and the old accounts will stay active for a while.

Direct links

You can log in to some resources directly, without having to pass through the ‘Where Are You From’ stage.

a-n The Artists Information Company

Full details for a-n The Artists Information Company.

Archival Sound Recordings

Full details for Archival Sound Recordings.

Casweb – Census Area Statistics on the Web

Full details for Casweb.

CIDER – the Centre for Interaction Data Estimation and Research

Full details for CIDER.

Dictionary of National Biography


You will be asked to re-register with Digimap as a user of the Single Sign On service.

Full details for Digimap.


Full details for Go-Geo!.


NewsFilm Online

Full details for NewsFilm Online.

Oxford English Dictionary

Sage Journals Online

Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs)

Full details for Samples of Anonymised Records (SARs).


If you have any alerts set up, you may need to re-register as a user of  the Single Sign On

Full details for ZETOC.

What next?

There are plans for more testing and URL fine-tuning of the Single Sign On service. It is hoped to switch the bulk of Athens authenticated resources over to Single Sign On by mid-July 2011.





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