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‘Some quaint odd plaything of elaborate skill’

I have been thinking about a poem by William Wordsworth: Written with a slate pencil.. My thoughts are prompted by having followed a UC Davis course on Romanticism run by Timothy Morton. One of the assignments for the course asked … Continue reading

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Flickr – Google Maps mashup ideas

Flickr is a photo sharing webite. One of the ways of viewing the contributed images is through a geotagged RSS feed. The photographer records latitude and longitude information detailing where a photograph was taken. Where a geotagged RSS file is … Continue reading

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The ‘Athens’ in OpenAthens Authentication

There are, in fact, two routes through to the electronic resources covered by the Single Sign On service. As far as the users are concerned there is almost no difference between them. Both require that the same username and password … Continue reading

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Stockchecking LOCKSS Archival Units

I have been looking at how to check that the material that we are claiming to archive in our LOCKSS Digital Preservation system is actually present. Since we are hoping to be able to serve content from the archive at … Continue reading

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FOAF – Friend Of a Friend data and the library contacts page

The DMU library web site has a number of features which could be described as being part of the ‘Semantic Web’, though we have not done much to make these features known (until now, that is). Some of these are … Continue reading

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