LOCKSS update June 2012

I hope to get a chance, at the next De Montfort University Mashed Library event to update people about LOCKSS and SFX integration. I have already put some slides up on this. LOCKSS is a system for ensuring continuing access to electronic journals, while SFX is an openURL Resolver and A-Z list of electronic journals. Linking the two together is a useful way of getting the archived content in LOCKSS out to the people on whose behalf it is preserved. Making this possible was a major theme of LOCKSS development in 2012 and DMU was one of the first libraries to take advantage of this possibility.

There will not be time to go into everything at the Mashed Library event, but this talk comes at an interesting time. In May some of the UK LOCKSS Alliance members met together in York to look at how things were going and what was likely to happen next.

JARVIG (e-Journal Archiving Implementation Group)

I have mentioned participation in the JARVIG meetings before; they have now concluded and the notes from the discussions have been published. The discussions raised lots of options for encouraging greater and more efective involvement in preserving e-Journal content. Some of the points touching upon LOCKSS were included in a talk about JARVIG at the UK LOCKSS Alliance meeting in May. The next phase is for some cost/benefit analysis to be done on the ideas to see which are most practicable.

UK LOCKSS Alliance Members Meeting

For me, the most interesting part of the UK LOCKSS Alliance members meeting was the discussion on how to improve the Administration Interface for LOCKSS. Changing the views to permit people with different roles to access different parts, and for each part to be spruced up, could be a big step forward. At present, for example, adding new titles to the archive is a repetitive chore, but being able to upload selected titlese from a spreadsheet opens new possibilities and well as making the task easier.

More research

Michael Seadle, (2012) “Archiving in the digital world: the scholarly literature”, Library Hi Tech, Vol. 30 Iss: 2, pp.367 – 375

Michael Seadle raises the question, not just of is there enough research into digital preservation going on, but are we tackling the right issues.


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