Tuning Mendeley to find electronic journal articles

Mendeley, according to its website “is a free reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research, collaborate with others online, and discover the latest research”. If you are using this website to organise your references, you may be interested in tweaking to make it easier to find electronic journal articles. I am explaining here how members of De Montfort University can enhance their Mendeley accounts, but if you are with another institution, these notes should still be helpful.

Some artilces are shared within Mendeley, others cited with links pointing outside the site. There are often lots of versions of an article stored across the Internet, but many require subscriptions. De Montfort University, like many other universities, has built up an openurl resolver listing then different journals their members can access for free. It is possible to get this service ‘plugged in’ to Mendeley.

  • Go to Mendeley and log in;
  • Go to the ‘My Account’ section;
  • Select ‘Account details’ from the drop-down menu;
  • Go to the ‘Sharing/Importing’ tab;
  • In the ‘Edit Library Access Lonks’ section, click on the ‘Choose library from list’ button;
  • – In my case other settings prompted Mendeley to suggest ‘library links’ relating the De Montfort University. If your institution is not listed, you may need to use the ‘Add library manually’ button;

You should now find that when looking at a citation page on Mendeley there is a drop down-menu ‘Find this paper at:’ which lists your institution’s openurl resolver. Selecting that should point you at the links to the journal article that you are able to use without charge.

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Senior Assistant Librarian at De Montfort University. I am interested in digital preservation and the use of data to measure a library's impact. All comments own.
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